Message from the CEO

‘Co-Creativity’ for people and organizations

This phrase embodies our core philosophy established since the inception of our company, which is centered on the belief that learning and growth arise from the collaborative process with those involved, yielding essential and inventive solutions. This spirit of co-creation is the heartbeat of our consulting approach.

In a world devoid of a singular correct answer, we tirelessly experiment and dedicate ourselves to resolving the intricate challenges our clients encounter. It is this unwavering approach that distinguishes Lead Create. I am convinced that the insights we cultivate through these collaborative efforts with all our stakeholders possess the capability to effectuate sustainable transformation in individuals, teams, and organizations.

As a business partnering firm specializing in leadership assessment and talent development, we are committed to progressing our unique and reliable methods that blend the sensitivity and inventiveness of the human touch with state-of-the-art technologies such as AI.

Our goal is to offer profound insights, grounded in both practical experience and research, thereby contributing to the ongoing growth and advancement of our clients. Together with all our stakeholders, we are building the future.

Chief Executive Officer Fumiya Akatsuka
Chief Executive Officer  
Fumiya Akatsuka
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