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Effective consulting approach starting from accurate understanding of current conditions

Both personal and organizational development start from accurate self-understanding, and precise recognition of the current situation.
It is possible to promote development of leaders and organizations analytically and scientifically by leveraging our original service contents known as “360-degree Feedback” that accurately grasps the current conditions of individual leadership and management, as well as organizational performance diagnosis that properly reflects the state of organizations.

360-degree Feedback Survey

360-degree Feedback to show leaders’ performance goals

With an aspect of workplace behaviors demonstrated by active leaders in organizations, this tool allows these leaders to receive feedback from surrounding stakeholders from multidimensional perspectives on their behaviors in daily activities.
It aims to elicit their behavioral transformation by making them aware of the gaps between other people’s images of themselves and their self-recognition, which will give light to their goals toward ideal leaders desired by their organizations and team members.
360-degree Feedback offered by LEAD CREATE features its design of exercises with which common behaviors demonstrated by outstanding leaders can be diagnosed through workplace activities, by using its rich accumulation of experiences in Human Resource Assessments.
Furthermore, diagnosis results are reflected in workshops and individual interviews, promoting introspection as a source of self-transformational initiatives.

Intended usage

Information to supplement workplace behavioral evaluation

When assessing behaviors in workplace settings, feedback results from multiple stakeholders, not only from superiors, will become effective supplementary information and can assure candidates’ own satisfaction and fairness.

* This survey requires an appropriate operational structure when introduced for the purpose of assessment. We recommend to use it as supplementary information.

Tool to support competencies development

Feedback from superiors, co-workers, and subordinates who are familiar with candidates’ daily behaviors provides opportunities toward self-transformation.We extract self-development goals form feedback results, and encourage specific behavior modifications.

Organizational Performance Diagnosis

Organization survey to show organization’s performance issues

This is a tool to clarify organizational issues through measuring awareness of individual employees whether a company or organization can satisfy the requirements of continuous growth.
The first steps to develop organizations are for leaders who are managerial posts and higher to develop a sense of perspective to discern the situations of their organizations and correspond them adequately.
The organizational performance diagnosis by LEAD CREATE provides the path for your organization to achieve becoming the Independent Co-Creative Organization by focusing on conditions of organizational growth and visualizing attainment and trends of these conditions.

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