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Developing Leaders

Development of human resources who work together with the members of an organization to create new value and sustainable growth

To develop leaders who will take the core role in the organization, accurate selection of candidates and effective timing to take on are important.
We plan and propose a development plan for those leaders who will undergo self-transformation, with a focus on middle management who face significant change of role from player, and a group of human resources who will fill the next generation top management.

Developing Organizations

Support to create vibrant organizations with sense of unity

To support self-development of working individuals and produce high performance of the organization, it is important to approach the organization’s system and dynamics including its culture and conventions.


Human Resource Assessments

Reliable Human Resource Assessment Program to determine leadership aptitude

This is a training-style leader aptitude assessment program with simulation exercises by adopting Assessment Center Method, which is considered one of the most valid methodologies in the field of competency assessment.

Competencies Development Trainings

Training programs to deliver reachable messages
and high effectiveness

We plan and propose the most effective training program after confirming
the company policy and the actual situations of candidates by elaborate hearings.

Survey Tools

Effective consulting approach starting from accurate understanding of current conditions

Both personal and organizational development start from accurate self-understanding, and precise recognition of the current situation.

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