We develop outstanding leaders and support to create vibrant organizations

Developing outstanding leaders is definitely the essence of organization’s sustainable growth.

To produce outstanding leaders continuously, it is important to design a full vision as one large mechanism and operate it consistently while linking various measures to it.

LEAD CREATE offers many-sided services relevant to development of leaders and organizations, by organically combining every possible inspiration which leaders need for their growth, while reflecting the will of the management toward realizing visions and the passion for HR.
We build a plan that responds to the issues of each company, and work as one with the customer to support until operation is established.

Feature1Solutions based around developing leaders and developing organizations

We provide highly effective solutions based on our own original concepts, such as “Independent Co-creative Organizations,” “Co-creative Leaders,” and “Independent Organization Persons.” We apply our understanding, which we have cultivated by assisting in the develop and development of large numbers of leaders and organizations, to the realities and the issues faced by each company to propose an optimized plan.

Feature2Consulting approach that links together individual measures

However effective the measures, if they are deployed individually, the desired result will not be achieved. We discern customer objectives and provide a consulting approach that organically links each separate measure, so as to support intrinsically consistent management.

Feature3Track record and practical knowledge derived from being chosen repeatedly by numerous companies

Large volumes of human resource assessment data accumulated over many years

Perceptiveness and planning ability that gets close to the real objectives

Ability to keep pace with the clients and commit to getting the desired results

Our greatest strength is our track record in developing leaders and organizations in a variety of industries, such as finance, manufacturing, infrastructure, services, information and telecommunications, and the public sector, as well as the practical knowledge gained from these experiences. Rather than general arguments or existing theories, we provide ideas and clues backed by this practical knowledge.

Feature4Lead Create’s new challenge for the world

With corporate globalization progressing rapidly, building mechanisms for human resource development based on consistent concepts and measures both in Japan and overseas is becoming an urgent issue. In 2018, we established an overseas location in Singapore, and will refine the practical knowledge we have cultivated in Japan still further to support the global expansion of companies from the perspectives of developing leaders and developing organizations.

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