Developing Organizations

Support to create vibrant organizations with sense of teamwork

To support growth of working individuals and produce high performance of the organization, it is important to approach the organization’s system and dynamics including its culture and conventions.
We design and propose plans based on the organization development approach to embody the will of the management into HR policy, including establishing human resource requirements, and formulating mechanisms of member-initiated workshops and talent management.

Establishing and permeating profile & requirements of desired human resources

As a precondition to build HR evaluation and development systems, it is indispensable to verbalize ideal images of organizations and people who realize management visions and business strategies according to the company philosophy.
Based on this, HR aims by all means for situation where each HR system has consistent messages and stories, with clear identifications of roles and behaviors expected for each individual employee, and these elements are permeated and rooted in workplaces.
At present, in an increasing number of organizations, messages from HR division lack consistency and the will of management and HR can hardly be permeated in workplaces.
For future changes in management environment, it is important that each and every employee is aware of the management’s vision, is proactive in achieving results, and helps oneself and the team to grow.
For that reason too, it is truly fundamental to start any HR policies with having a common language of what are the ideal organizations and people, by elaborating the ideal management practices.
LEAD CREATE values processes in which these are developed not internally in the HR department but through engagement of top management and key stakeholders in workplaces.
To create a link from management through HR to workplaces, we offer workshops and consulting services, to support realizing effective HR management with reachable messages and stories.

Activating organization

It is true that competencies development depends on self-initiative of each candidates. However, their daily behaviors are largely affected by environmental elements, such as organizations and systems they belong to.
Particularly in business settings where producing results (profits) is required, short-term perspectives tend to be privileged over mid and long-term growth.
As a result, while many organizations advocate the necessity of transformation and sustainable growth, their messages and realities may place themselves into double bind situations, having adverse effects in vitalizing organizations.
We offer solutions that are linked with development measures, with a theme of activation of teams at each layer from top management to section level.

Define goals
Interview with top management
Identify ideal teams (organizations)
Set purposes and goals of measures
Understand current conditions & specify agenda
Organization survey
Analyze survey results (understand current conditions, specify goals)
Plan concrete measures for transformation
Future conception workshop (training camp)
Initiatives toward transformative goals (action learning)
Improve organizational performance
Create new values

Building a system of talent management and development

For sustainable development of organizations, it is important to create environments and systems to accelerate human resource development.
However, such systems have been undergoing systemic fatigue while being operated as an extension of the past, and an increasing number of companies are starting to make drastic reforms to them.
LEAD CREATE provides solutions to build such environments and systems of talent management and human resource development, with “Co-Creative Leaders” and “Independent Organization Members” as keys.

Problems related to HR development that each company faces

  • Development measures are separate and not connected between layers
  • Development system is not corresponding to other HR management systems, therefore education does not fit well into them
  • Education has become an end in itself, and its purposes and orientations have turned unclear
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