Our mission

LEAD CREATE creates a future overflowing with
hope through the development of people and organizations

We believe in the unlimited possibilities of people and organizations.

With the aim of realizing the ideas of our customers, we create with them organizations that achieve enduring development through backing up their members’ self-growth.

We create a future overflowing with hope by enabling all the individuals involved in such organizations to take pride and joy in their work.

Values that we consider important


We always act positively and with passion in our hearts


We resolutely take on new challenges and confront difficult matters as opportunities on a daily basis


We thoroughly consider the essence of things

Taking the lead

We always look ahead, and act swiftly


We convey our unique ideas and thoughts based on our own experience and search


We prepare ourselves and complete matters through to the end


We share the range of human feelings together, cement our relationships with others


We treat all those involved with consideration, not forgetting the spirit of gratitude


We act in all things with a sense of personal ownership

Our promises

Our First PromiseWe will continue to set a high value on sincerity and dignity

We will respect others and ourselves, and place great importance on a spirit of gratitude and consideration to others. We will act with dignity and follow our consciences.

Our Second PromiseWe will continue to grow as professionals

We will always do our utmost to provide the very best.
We will strive passionately to create the future.
We will seek to provide role models with regard to personal growth and development of organizations.

Our Third PromiseWe will continue to be a partner with which to build the future

We will generate new value through dialogue.
We will work together based on relationships of trust to realize “the ideal form.”

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